In Memoriam of Liberation

Tour 2020


MAUTHAUSEN and other songs of Humanity


With Henning Schmiedt (piano, arr.), Christos Tsiamoulis (oud, ney, voc)
and Jens Naumilkat (cello).
World star Maria Farantouri from Greece and Israeli tenor Assaf Kacholi are making their first European tour together. Their songs tell of love and passion, of melancholy and gaiety, of courage and sorrow, of war, hate and the deepest peace. Songs full of strength and humanity.
Maria Farantouri and Assaf Kacholi also mean to shine a bright light into the hall of sombre memories, with the songs from Mikis Theodorakis’ “Ballad of Mauthausen “. 75 years after the liberation of the concentration camps Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen and many others, the two artists commemorate the suffering, but above all the lust for life and the dreams of the future of millions of people.
What can give us hope and confidence today? Maria Farantouri and Assaf Kacholi take us on a journey through the world of music and poetry. A way to not be lonely. A way to take your time. A path that leads to the heart. Let’s look forward to a great musical event– an event that is unique, because it allows us to discover two singers with very different personalities, who have come together in the world of music. Let us celebrate with them this moment of songs which have travelled
the world.

Mit Dschinghis Khan auf dem Dresdner Opernball in St. Petersburg

(31. August 2019)